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We created Altered Phenom to be able to reach out and motivate those in need. Over the past 5 years my wife, Alex, and I have trained hundreds of clients in person at our local gym in Guntersville, Alabama, Willmore Total Fitness. We are now looking to branch out to those who need the motivation, knowledge, or accountability that we can't train in person. Altered Phenom isn't just a cookie cutter brand for the advanced gym rats (even though we can cater to them too). No matter if you're a beginner, an average Joe, or a gym junkie, Altered Phenom has what you need to take it to the next level. We are nationally recognized advanced personal trainers with years of experience ready to enhance your workouts and get you in the best shape of your life. We currently offer Altered Phenom's Weekly Workouts. Weekly Workout's are sent directly to your email each week and make things as simple as can be. You choose your level of expertise and goals and we do the rest. Big things are coming to Altered Phenom so stick around and join our Weekly Workouts so you can be the first to hear the news when it happens.


So what are you waiting for......